The global markets have been quite unpredictable over the last couple of weeks due to the mixture of unwarranted news that are swinging the markets both ways. Initially, the hurricane Harvey significantly hampered U.S. markets by hitting the gasoline rich Texas, creating damages up to $90 billion. Gasoline prices soared more than 13% in a single trading session after Hurricane wiped out most of the production from Texas and Louisiana.


The storm has not only created volatility in gasoline prices, but it has created widespread implications on crude oil prices and the entire energy sector. Oil prices usually declined when gasoline refineries shut down their operations.

It’s not over yet!

Hurricane Irma is yet another factor weighing on traders sentiments and energy markets. This time, the category 4 storm has hit Florida, which is a hub for several oil and gasoline companies. Crude oil prices lost almost 3% in Friday’s trade and traders seem worried about the demand factor. Talks between Saudi Arabia and counterparts amid at extending oil output cuts beyond next March could also lead to volatility in oil markets.

Is this the Time to Capitalize on Uncertainty?

Timing has always been a key factor behind the successful trades. We have witnessed several key changes in the markets, which had toppled the USD index to the lowest level in more than two years. On the other hand, Euro, Gold and the Yen are touching new highs of this year. That is mostly due to the Hydrogen test from North Korea, Fed’s interest rate strategy, Trump’s debt ceiling efforts and European Centrals Banks policy on asset purchase program.


The above chart shows that S&P 500 index has been declining since the start of this month. Nevertheless, wise investors always see the volatility in markets as an opportunity to make big profits. But again it all depends on the timing of the investment.

Traders can find several press releases in the markets that generally show how the news has impacted the markets. But they don’t have the potential to predict the news and its implications before it breaks.

On the flip side, traders have several sets of strategies and they usually get advice (BUY or SELL Signals) from market reports and software’s. Sometimes these strategies work in favor of traders and sometimes they don’t. The majority of day traders use software to make their future investments strategies. However, in analysts view, this isn’t the right strategy to make bets, as software usually pursuing trend following strategies.

Here’s How to Get News before it Breaks

We have developed a system that allows traders to get the breaking news before it could have already jolted the markets. Our algorithm analyses thousands of tweets every second to identify breaking news, before it breaks – allowing you to trade the news, before its news.

This is something very new for traders. But getting news before it breaks could allow traders to place perfect bets. Every day, either its stock market or forex exchange, investors can make big profits if they know what is going to happen next.

Well! Hurricane Irma has been creating damages in Florida, while OPEC countries are planning to create consent on extending their supply cuts. Thus, the market will open various investment opportunities and one can make big profits by getting an advice from Scoop Markets.